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Of Cabbages and Kings: Chapter Eight

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Chapter Rating: PG
Series Rating: NC-17
Beta: the godlike spike_1790
Summary: "The world is full of people sent here to help us. Most of the time, we just don't see them." - Franklyn
AN: In the interests of actually finishing this for wrisomifu; two chapters for today.

When Spike had explained half-way to wherever they were going that they were going to be spending the night at a demon club, Xander didn’t know what to expect, other than a larger version of Willy’s. Looking around him he decided that he had been a whole new level of wrong.
A bar with just about every kind of alcohol known to man – and some unknown – stretched the full length of one wall. The rest of the club seemed split into two sections; one full of couches and various comfortable looking seating, and the other a wide expanse of open space packed to bursting with every kind of demon and human imaginable. More than anything else, it seemed, to his surprise, to exude a quiet elegance that left Xander feeling much like a kid in way over his head.
“C’mon mate, know you love t’dance as much as the next bloke.” And suddenly he was being dragged towards the throng of people, trying not to step on toes or… whatever as Spike slithered between demons until he decided they were in the prime dancing location.
A little unsure he stood still for a moment, eyes wide, and watched the variety of demons and humans giving into the beat that was already thrumming its way under his skin. Deciding that the name of the game was “what the hell?” he flung his arms up and just moved.
If he hadn’t trusted Spike not to take him somewhere that would hoodoo him, he would have suspected magic. When he blinked next there was sweat clinging to the ends of his hair and damp line of it down his back. His heart was pumping a rhythm that told him he’d been dancing long enough to lose track of all sense of time. There was a relaxation in his muscles that he hadn’t known for the longest while. Giving a grin to the demon he’d been dancing with, he realised he couldn’t see the familiar blond head. Shrugging it off and smiling at his dancing partner again he made his way towards a quiet section of the bar.
Getting water and finishing it almost as soon as it was in his hand he looked down and blushed when he realised the more he’d danced the tighter his shirt had clung to him. He was glad the bartender seemed to recognise his slightly dazed expression and brought him another water because he was still a little baffled at how he’d managed to lose time. Sipping this one a little slower, he made his way in the general direction of the cool air he could only just feel.
Slipping out one of the doors onto a balcony of some kind he tipped his head back against the wall and smiled at the beat he could still feel in the soles of his feet.
“I was watching you.”
He opened his eyes to find a demon with green eyes and equally green skin leering at him. Unsure whether the leer was simply its face, or if it was actually trying to be suggestive, he smiled politely.
“Um, thanks I guess? Excuse me.” Giving another smile to try and avoid offending it he slipped away, or tried to.
There was a paw, complete with opposable thumb, wrapped around his arm and he was suddenly concerned the demon wasn’t going to take anything but “yes I’ll be your butt monkey” for an answer. Jumping at the feel of a cold arm snaking under his shirt to wrap around his waist he relaxed when he realised Spike had slid up beside him.
“’lo pet.” The smirk directed towards him was one Xander had only ever seen the vampire give when talking about Drusilla; dark and wicked. Promising pain, and announcing that you’d be begging him to hurt you more by the end of it.
And Xander was suddenly back to the very insistent thought that he was in desperate need of a girlfriend- yesterday if possible. He stared in confusion when a dark eyebrow rose and slightly shorter head cocked to one side.
“Calm down mate, he’s gone.” The lightening grin was back in place. He almost heard the unreality of the previous moment break and twitched slightly in response.
“Uh, thanks Spike. I wasn’t sure where you got off to.” Friendly grin in response and he was back on familiar ground.
“Had to pop off for a break. You can party when you want to Harris.”
Executing a fumbling bow at the amused praise he finished off his water and indicated with a nod he was going to head back in. “Onwards and upwards, right?”
This time Xander led Spike onto the dance floor, wishing for the feeling of losing time again because there was no way he’d just thought about – hello again denial, nice to see you out and about. Closing his eyes he felt the beat skim across his skin and moved. It wasn’t long before he realised he didn’t seem to be able to sink into it. The movement was almost instinctual, only this time he was aware of each twist. Confused, he opened his eyes to see Spike dancing – or quite possibly attempting to sleep with, while keeping his clothes on – with a rather attractive blue-grey demon.
The sudden stab of jealousy had him losing any possible sense of rhythm and he made a sudden bee-line for the bar, not really sure a bit of hair-of-the-dog was a good idea, but it was the best one he had at the moment. Ordering something alcoholic he was infinitely glad they didn’t seem to card here – though how you tell the age of some of the demons in here was beyond him, and it wasn’t as though most of them would even have photo ID. Downing the drink as soon as it was put in front of him and signalling for another he sucked in a breath at the rush of alcohol that hit him like a punch in the gut.
Making vague hand motions to the effect of, “What was in that?” the response yelled back across the bar didn’t sound like any alcohol he’d ever heard of. Rolling his shoulders to loosen them he breathed in the pleasant buzz the first drink was radiating out from his stomach and sipped the second.
Finishing the glass he grinned at the happy feel of whatever humming through him and went back to dancing.
Keeping an eye on Xander out of the corner of his eye, Spike was suddenly not quite so sure that bringing him out was the best idea. The brunet had wandered off for a few minutes and come back smiling like the cat that ate the canary, dancing in a way that announced to every demon in the place he was eminently shaggable.
Subtly intercepting the same Hemit demon who’d been bugging the boy before, he flashed fang and smirked when the demon beat a quick retreat.
There was a long forgotten familiar scent surrounding the boy and he leaned closer to try and catch it. Curses flew from his lips as soon as he realised what it was. Clearly Xander had the worst luck in the world when it came to demon foods. Whatever the human had asked for at the bar – and Spike had no doubt that’s where he’d slipped off to – he’d been given a drink even most demons steered clear of, knowing it was bound to knock them on their ass.
Figuring it’d take Xander about half an hour to really hit his stride with the drink he left the brunet in peace to dance. In an attempt to ignore the concern gnawing at the back of his mind he sidled up against a demon close to him and grinned. Eventually giving into the impulse he turned back to look at his... sod it, his friend, and promptly decided that leaving the human to dance was the worst possible idea.
The human was currently writhing with remarkable grace in between two demons, which would have been fine if one of them wasn’t known for being more likely to eat the boy in the literal sense than the figurative one. Sliding between the trio he wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist and pressed up against his back. Simply dragging him away from the two would only end in blood shed.
“I know you’re having a good time mate, but best to have it with another kind of demon. Tall, dark and scaly over here isn’t really the kind of demon you want to go messing with.” He kept his body relaxed and swaying slightly, so the only thing that gave away his concern was his voice, low in Xander’s ear.
Clearly he’d misjudged the speed at which the drink would affect the brunet. When the human swung around to face him his eyes were slightly glassy with the alcohol and his limbs slightly too loose.
“If you can go dancing all over some demon, so can I.” The statement was petulant, almost childish, and he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in response.
Clearly not the best idea because it seemed to irritate the human, “I’m an adult, Spike. I can take care of myself. So thanks for your concern and all but, to coin a phrase; sod off.”
If he thought about it for a moment it would be clear Xander was working through... something. Though what exactly would be a bit difficult to determine. If he thought about it Spike would have been able to take a step back and explain the situation like an adult to the man-child in front of him.
If he’d thought about it, “Suit yourself, whelp. Don’t come crying to me when you’re being served up as hors d'oeuvres.”
It took him two shots of Jack before he sighed and looked back to the dance floor. Given the throng of people he couldn’t see the brunet, but he knew well enough what would happen if he didn’t go and get the ponce. Waving the bar tender away when he raised the bottle in the universal sign for “want another one?” he squared his shoulders and decided to play the adult.
By the time he’d made it through the throng to where he thought the human had been there was no sign of him, or the demons he’d been dancing with.

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