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All I want for Christmas: The Letter

Title: All I want for Christmas
Summary: It was Willow's idea to write the stupid letter in the first place.
AN: Inspired by a plot bunny given to me over at SpanderFiles back in December.

Dear Santa,

Dear Mr Claus,


Let me start by saying I know you’re not real. I’m writing this because a certain well intentioned but sometimes pushy best friend has a hell of a resolve face. Don’t get me wrong, Wills is the bestest bud a guy could ask for, I just don’t really see this whole letter writing business doing anything except making me look like a nutso who still writes letters to Santa Claus. No offense or anything.

Ok, so here it is: I think I might be crazy. As in certifiably, send me to the loony bin, I’d sure love a jacket that lets me hug myself all day without my arms getting tired, insane. There’s a certain level of nuts you kind of expect with us Scoobies, but some part of my brain has taken the whole idea a little too far. 

In my defense, the rest of my brain is well aware of just how loony tunes the whole idea is. And I’m kind of running out of synonyms for “nuts” here. 

See, the thing is - and let me just stress that I in no way meant for this to happen - I kind of like I’m in lust with I have a crush on I’m attracted to S William the Spike.


So, anyway. It’d be pretty awesome if you could make him hate me a little less for Christmas. I’m not asking for any Harlequin style romances to crop up - not that I ever read any of those books or anything - but just not quite so much contempt would be really nice. 

You know, maybe Wills was onto something with this whole letter writing idea, I do feel better. And a little less wacko. 

Thanks Mr C.


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